Lily Montes

Creator and Designer of Antinoo

This “Barranquillera” is passionate about fashion and style, which is why she creates her masculine brand in 2014 and does not do it from the perspective of improvisation or her own personal style, on the contrary she does it from the knowledge, for that reason she has formed herself in Fashion Design and Business Administration to build her proposal with a business structure and as a result of a deep research process of the referents of today’s world and market variables.

Before launching her brand, she took a full year to evaluate and analyze the male market and to be able to build a coherent proposal with the man of today and his own vision of it.

Sensitive to the new dynamics of fashion, she conceives the ANTINOO man as an expression of reality.



The company’s corporate purpose is the production and marketing of clothing, accessories and complements of the fashion universe.

It’s born as an initiative of a fashion designer and businesswoman who believes that good taste and style are a requirement for everyday life.

The business structure is designed to respond to the needs of different consumer groups, based on a constant study of market variables as well as new technologies, in both raw materials and machinery, and projects its growth as a response to the work ethic.