MOVIMIENTO SS-18 is the expression of creativity that modifies your world, a world full of agility, mixtures of materials, flowing silhouettes, symbols that mix and weave together and create new forms and messages; handcrafts, culture and topical explosion of color always present in the creations of the designer Lily Montes. She has created a kaleidoscope of products that can freely mix with each other and create new individual personal proposals, stimulates the sensory part of the user through touches, textures, color perception and printing. With the prints, she expresses the digital subculture of handicrafts, and rescues the use of them in complements as; Hats, straps and knapsacks woven in paper, cotton and leather fibers, espadrilles hand-made jute soles and printed textiles represent the AKAN universe. The juxtaposition in the color creates an exuberant and tropical base of vibrant tones. This palette celebrates the euphoric energy of Latin America.