Quality policies

To offer products with fashion content, quality and exclusiveness through our strategically located stores, that promote the identity and the brand positioning of Antinoo Menswear, trough excellent attention and customer service, efficient logistics process, human talent with comprehensive skills and wishing for the continuous improvement of products and process.

Privacy Policies

It is a concern of antinoomenswear.com.co / LMINTERMODA SAS. to protect the privacy of the user personal information obtained through our web page, therefor we commit to adopt a privacy policy in reference on what is established further on.

antinoomenswear.com.co / LMINTERMODA SAS. applies efforts to provide a prime service through his infrastructure with the goal to fulfill what’s set in the conditions policies and legal terms. In reference of the above we count with the support of a specialized staff for the protection and integrity of all the data supplied, without being this services under its control, as these are full responsibility of the hired outsourcing companies. We are not responsible and in this case the user will accept it and exonerate , any present or future damage that will be eventually caused to a third party, originated by the illegal or illegitimate manipulation from the computer system of this site, in detriment of the public’s user reliability and good will. Therefor, www. Antinoomenswear.com.co/ LMINTERMODA SAS. asks the users to notify and inform any irregular situation in the performance or process of the current web site  through the webmaster.

Likewise, the user states that by entering in this web site, exempt www.antinoomenswear.com.co / LMINTERMODA SAS. its directives and employees of all responsibilities including the ones read as damages and harms, lost profits or emerging and moral damage, general expenses, attorney’s fees, court costs that will emerge by action or with the occasion of the deployed performances by the user and infringement from any of the contained obligations in the terms of use, policies and legal terms of the website, any employee previously mentioned will be able to ply the legal rights against the user to enforce this imposition.

We reserve the right to implore legal actions that may apply.

The terms of use and policies of this web site will be interpreted in all his parts by the laws established in the Republic of Colombia.

When you make the register on www.antinoomenswear.com.co you got the choice to subscribe or not for our mail newsletter and other update services. If you decide not to choose it, we will not be able to send you new products alerts, features or improvements, special discounts, update opportunities, contests or events of interest. However, if you choose to receive our emails, occasionally we will use the information that you provide to the Antinoo Menswear product promotion through the e- mail or direct mail, as well as to use the information about the site traffic, the sales, wish list, and other commercial information that will be able to transmit to third parties, but this information does not include any other that may identify you personally.

We strive to restrinct the use of your information to those offers that we believe you would like to receive.

At last, we can use your personal information for our internal marketing and demographic studies, along with the non-personal data to monitor client’s patterns to improve the design of the website in order to satisfy the needs of our visitors.

If we change our policy in matter of divulgation to others, you will be inform through our policies and you are able to choose to unsubscribe. In addition to the above, once in a while we will be able to reveal information to:

  • Our services suppliers and subcontractors, including our subsidiaries, referred to perform functions in our name or lend services to us, such as the storage and delivery, marketing and publicity, data processing, software development, website hosting and its management, the information technology and office services; legal, accounting, from audit and other professionals service providers, and even more, as provided supplier to not pick up, use or reveal the personal information for any other purpose that to accomplish these functions or to provide services to us or as is required by the law.
  • The service providers unaffiliated that antinoomenswear.com.co will be able to subcontract , including web hosting companies, fulfillment companies and other service providers from third parties.


  • It is essential the registry of your purchase before leaving the establishment.
  • The product must be found intact, in perfect conditions, with the label on it, prestige stamp and the original packaging such as you received it on the day of the purchase.
  • We do not accept returns passed 15 calendar days after the first date of your purchase.
  • The ware off sale does not allow returns.
  • We don’t refund money.

Warranty Policies

  • It is indispensable the registry of your purchase before leaving the establishment. The product must be deliver in perfect cleaning conditions. Antinoo Menswear/ LM INTERMODA SAS. will not be responsible for any damages caused by the use of the product or inappropriate care of the material in which the product was made.
  • Mistreatment, shrinkage, natural wear and tear, misuse of the product or clothing poorly washed at home or drycleaning, ARE NOT A MOTIVE FOR RETURN OR WARRANTY.
  • Read carefully the washing and care instructions on the clothing.
  • You have 30 days after the purchase is completed to make use of the warranty; the request will be attended by the storekeeper who will be able to send the item to our offices for an appropriate review and adjustment unless that the employee decides and approves the application of our warranty.
  • In case the review it’s necessary, Antinoo Menswear/ LM Intermoda SAS, will give a deadline to respond your request, this term may not exceed to 15 working days of income from it.